Up to Give Away $1k Per Hour to Families Impacted by COVID-19


Cardi B and Fashion Nova are stepping up with a stimulus package of their own — giving away $1,000 PER HOUR to families struggling through the pandemic.

Cardi announced Wednesday she and the fashion line she reps will give away a total of $1 million beginning today and continuing through May 20. The Fashion Nova Cares initiative will put the money directly in the hands of people desperately needing relief.

Richard Saghian, founder and CEO of Fashion Nova, says, “People are struggling to pay rent, buy food, medicine and other essentials for themselves and their families. We all feel compassion and concern for those affected by the Coronavirus.”

He added, “Fashion Nova Cares with Cardi B will provide people with necessary relief to help them get through this crisis. As a community-driven brand, we are inspired by the kindness and generosity of others and we wanted to do our part to help those in need.”

To qualify for the dough, people will need to visit fashionnova.com/cares to share their stories and information. The group will then choose 24 people each day for the duration of the program.

As we’ve seen around the country, there are MASSIVE lines just to file for unemployment benefits or get food … like what we saw in Florida and Texas.

It’s gonna take more than the government to pull us through, so kudos to Cardi and Fashion Nova.

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