Woman Has No Idea Why Vacation Photo Goes Viral Worldwide Until She Has a Closer Look


bedtimez.com: Many people visit Dundas Peak in Hamilton, Canada because it is a spectacular location. The views are simply breathtaking and many tourists who reach the top commemorate the occasion with a photo from the peak. One woman who visited the peak did just that, not thinking much of the photo. That is, until it suddenly became a viral hit, which forced her to take a second look…

A Mystical Peak

Dundas Peak in Canada attracts many hikers throughout all season of the year because of its beautiful terrain and scenic views. When you reach the peak, you can see the entire city of Hamilton and you get a spectacular view of Tew’s Falls, which is well worth the visit.

What’s Hiding In The Wilderness?

People love to take photos of the amazing views when they reach the top and they post it on social media to share that beauty with the world. That day, one hiker snapped a picture of something that no one had ever seen before.

A Safe Trail?

Dundas Peak is a popular hiking spot, but was it a safe route for hikers? Local authorities had reported that hikers had gone missing whilst hiking the treacherous trail and some were never found. But this doesn’t stop people from visiting the peak.

Something Lurking In The Background

A man had a photo taken of himself sitting on the edge of the peak overlooking the spectacular views. At first, the photo seemed to look like every other photo of other people with the same landscape. But this photo showed something different lurking in the background.

Recreating The Same Photo

The man’s cousin, Kim, saw his photo and thought the views were spectacular. So she decided to visit the peak that weekend with a friend to see it for herself. The pair hiked the 2.4-mile trail and found the same spot where Kim’s cousin had taken the photo.

An Unusual Discovery

The women sat in the exact spot where Kim’s cousin had sat to have their photo taken atop the peak. Whilst taking in the spectacular views, the two women spotted something unusual in the wilderness. They didn’t know what to think of what they’d seen.

Something Glistening In The Trees

As they sat on the edge of the peak, they noticed something glistening. At first, they thought it came from the gorge below, but then they noticed that something was hanging in a tree only 3 feet away. It was a set of keys.

Getting The Keys

Kim decided that she’d try to grab the keys so she inched closer, careful not to fall over the edge. Whoever had lost their keys was probably frantically looking for them. As she grabbed them she saw that they were keys to a Hyundai Elantra.

Night Was Approaching

It was getting late and the sun was starting to set so they decided to head back before the park closed. They were aware of the people that had gone missing in the park so they didn’t want to be stranded there.

An Eerie Feeling

As Kim and her friend reached the parking lot, their hair stood on end at what they saw. The only cars left were theirs and a Hyundai Elantra. The Hyundai was dirty and looked like it had been there for some time.

Made A Decision

They had to make a decision because they didn’t want to wait around in the dark. So they decided to leave the car keys that they’d found on the roof of the car. If the owner came looking for the keys, then they’d find it easily.

Reported Missing

Not long after, the women were shocked to read reports about a missing female tourist at Dundas Peak. Reports stated that she had been reported missing but that her car had been found in the parking lot. Police had searched for her but couldn’t find her.

The Photo Resurfaced

Some time had passed and they had forgotten about the missing woman and the photo that was taken that day on the peak. Then a Reddit user made a disturbing comment that brought everything back. That’s when the questions started flooding in.

Photos Posted Side By Side

Kim was surprised to see the photo she’d taken with her friend was on the internet. But that wasn’t all. The photo her friend’s cousin had taken was posted right beside hers. Thousands of people viewed both photos and then made some startling comments.

Hidden Detail

As Kim looked closely, she noticed a distinct difference between their photos. Her friend’s cousin’s photo included a hidden detail that could turn out to be very important. She wanted to get some answers and asked others what they made of it.

Posting On Social Media

Kim created a post and explained how she’d gone to Dundas Peak with a friend because her cousin had gone days prior and it looked beautiful. And when they got there they posed trying to recreate the photo he’d taken.

The Post Went Viral Overnight

She continued saying that she’d noticed that there was a figure of a slender person standing on a steep slope on the right side of the photo. But the face wasn’t very clear. What she was about to discover will give you goose-bumps.

Could It Be Her?

People thought it was another hiker, but there’s no access to that part of the mountain on foot. Could it be the missing woman whose car keys they’d found? She was last seen in a grey sweater and jeans which matched the figure in the photo.

Never Before Seen Figure

This figure didn’t appear on any other photo ever taken at Dundas Peak. if this was a ghost then why didn’t it show up in any other of the tens of thousands of photos taken on the peak? Could it be a trick of the light?

A Supernatural Sighting

Most people thought that the photo was disturbing and that it seemed like a supernatural sighting of some kind. Others believed it was the ghost of a hiker who’d met his end in that exact location. There had to be a logical explanation for this.

Light Trickery

Some people insisted that it was just a trick of the light or an illusion caused by shadows possibly because of the melting ice. Someone else commented that there was a hidden trail that leads to that spot, which means it was probably a hiker.

A Logical Explanation

Another Reddit user claimed that they’d caused all the confusion. They claimed that they frequented Dundas Peak often and that they had been there the day the photograph was taken. Furthermore, they were wearing jeans and a grey sweater that day.

A Fatal Crash

That person’s confession seemed like a logical explanation and it seemed to have solved the mystery until someone pointed something out. There had been a train crash one Christmas Eve below Dundas Peak, which proved to be fatal. That’s when more theories came to light.

The Theory

The crash had occurred in 1934 and 15 people had lost their lives. It is believed that their souls haunt the peak until this day. Locals don’t seem to take it too seriously but choose to take it with a grain of salt.

The Missing Woman

The missing tourist whose car keys and car the girls had found is yet to be found. So who knows, maybe she decided to live in the wilderness of Dundas Peak and that’s who was spotted in the photo. Only time will tell if this case will be solved…

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